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Someday, Episode #7: Oystein Vollstad, Fighter Pilot

Welcome to Someday, our newest segment on the blog.  We’ve been having so much fun interviewing local entrepreneurs, we’re adding a whole new adventure to the mix.  We’ve recently started talking to interesting people from around the world to learn about all the different ways to make a living.  In the upcoming months, we’ll learn: How to become a Pastry Chef, the best thing about being an Meteorologist and the most challenging thing about being a Racecar Driver.  We call it Someday because one day our kids may elect to pursue a career in one of these fields.

In this episode, we sat down with Oysten Vollstad.  Oystein is a F-16 Fighter Pilot and a member of the Norwegian Air Force.  He is also a Husband and Father of two beautiful kids.  Some of the resources Oystein mentions are as follows:

U.S. Air Force (becoming a pilot)

F-16 Videos

How to become a pilot

We hope you enjoy!

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