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Meet La Famiglia

As the Chief AdVenture Officer for Shafer…Power!, I’ll be managing the chaos that occurs when combining energetic kids, creative ideas and high fructose corn syrup.

For the record, my background is in sales and I’ve worked for companies both large…British Airways, AT&T, Dell…and small.  Some of my greatest learning experiences in life were the result of jumping in with both feet, while textbooks and theory…not so much (remind me to tell you about my attempt to hitchhike across Australia).

I believe experiential learning is highly effective for kids.  For example, I can tell them consuming too much cotton candy will give them a bellyache or I can let them have at it and watch them turn blue in the face.  I call it accelerated learning

Let’s meet the rest of la famiglia:

Note: We have yet to take a family picture where everyone is looking at the camera.

Owen: Adventure and fun are at the core of Owen’s being and he’s up for trying almost anything including peas and salmon.  “Let’s do it daddy” is his response to any significant challenge.

Malia: She may be the youngest member of the family, but Malia’s title of “Little Boss” doesn’t come from her size.  Although she’s just over four years old, this sweet little girl knows what she wants and is willing to call the shots.

Kathleen: As the leader of Shafer…Power!, Kathleen is the mother of Owen and Malia and the glue that keeps everything together.  While most of her work is done behind the scenes, she is the source of our inspiration – and lots of very tasty food.

Paul: The creator of chaos, Paul does what he can to bring new adventures to the family.  When deciding between a long hike and an overnight camping trip, “let’s do them both” is how he would respond.

What are our goals for Shafer…Power?  Funny you should ask.

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  1. Thomas #

    Love. Love. Love. Like. Love.

    May 3, 2012

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