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6/24/17: Austin From Scratch, Episode #21: Michael Landa, Founder of Nulo Pet Food

6/20/17: Someday, Episode #31: (Kindness) Philanthropist, Leon Logothetis

4/24/17: Austin From Scratch, Episode #20: Hobson Brown & Billy Nachman, Co-Founders of Criquet Shirts

3/4/17: Someday, Episode #30: Violinist, Asha Mevlana

2/26/17: Someday, Episode #29: Tiny Home & Community Builder, Marnie Khaw

2/26/17: Someday, Episode #28: Screen Cleaner, Michael Quaranto

1/30/17: Someday, Episode #27: Adventure Journalist, Ryan Van Duzer

10/17/16: Someday, Episode #26: Principal, Beth Newton

7/10/16: Someday, Episode #25: Antarctic Researcher, Dr. Elie Verleyen

6/19/16: Someday, Episode #24: Software Sales, Paul T. Shafer

4/25/16: Someday, Episode #23: NASCAR Driver, Paul Menard

3/21/16: Someday, Episode #22: Astronomer, Dr. Anita Cochran

2/21/16: Someday, Episode #21: Swimmer & 3x Olympic Gold Medalist, Brendan Hansen

1/24/16: Someday, Episode #20: Dentist, Dr. Steve Ridenour

1/24/16: Someday, Episode #19: Stuffed Animal Maker, Alex Furmansky

10/10/15: Someday, Episode #18: Åsa Lundström, Professional Triathlete & 2x Ironman Champion

6/28/15: Someday, Episode #17: Kristy & Anna Berington, Mushers

6/21/15: Someday, Episode #16: Lis Roche, Clown

6/14/15: Someday, Episode #15: Joel Van Brunt, Helicopter Pilot

6/7/15: Someday, Episode #14: Cody Laurendi, Professional Soccer Player

5/31/15: Someday, Episode #13: Lee Magpili, LEGO Designer

5/24/15: Someday, Episode #12: Stacy Mozisek, Veterinarian

5/17/15: Someday, Episode #11: Ben Haslett, Pastry Chef

5/10/15: Someday, Episode #10: Liz Garton Scanlon, Children’s Author

5/3/15: Someday, Episode #9: Ryan Davidson, Meteorologist

4/26/15: Someday, Episode #8: Heath & Alyssa Padgett, RV’ers

4/19/15: Someday, Episode #7: Oystein Vollstad, Fighter Pilot

4/12/15: Someday, Episode #6: Alan Becker, Animator

3/31/15: Someday, Episode #5: Dr. Thomas Carr, Paleontologist

2/22/15: Someday, Episode #4: Krystal Craig, Chocolatier

1/4/15: Austin From Scratch, Episode #19: Mikaila Ulmer, Founder of BeeSweet Lemonade

12/7/14: Austin From Scratch, Episode #18: Daniel Nicholson, CEO of NadaMoo Ice Cream

11/23/14: How One Day Teaches His Kids About Entrepreneurship

11/16/14: Someday, Episode #3: Doug Patt, Architect

11/2/14: Austin From Scratch, Episode #17: Grey McEvilly, Founder of Kammok

10/26/14: Someday, Episode #2: Claire Ridenour, Elementary School Teacher

10/19/14: Someday, Episode #1: Dr. Carrie Contey, Human Development Specialist

10/6/14: Austin From Scratch: An Interview with Brad Cason, Founder of KirkLee Bicycles

9/25/14: Shafer…Power! Featured in Watching Seeds Grow

9/7/14: Austin From Scratch: An Interview with Matt Sieler, Founder of Maine Root Handcrafted Beverages

8/24/14: Something Old, Something New: An Update From Shafer…Power!

8/5/14: Austin From Scratch (Vacation Style): An Interview with Matt Tietz, Vice President of McDonough Manufacturing

7/18/14: Austin From Scratch: An Interview with Kathie Sever, Founder of Fort Lonesome

6/17/14: Austin From Scratch: An Interview with Shay Spaniola, Founder of bunglo

3/26/14: Austin From Scratch: An Interview with Matt Butterfield, Founder of Butterfield Custom Homes

2/25/14: Austin From Scratch: An Interview with Abby Nagler, Founder of The Little Yoga House

2/2/14: Austin From Scratch: An Interview with Brandon Hodge, Founder of Big Top Candy Shop

11/11/13: AdVentures with Buddy Bars

10/30/13: Austin From Scratch: An Interview with Drew Gressett, Founder of Hat Creek Burger Company

8/21/13: Austin From Scratch: An Interview with Craig Plackis, Founder of Craig O’s Pizza and Pastaria

5/22/13: Austin From Scratch: An Interview with Matt Shook, Founder of JuiceLand

3/20/13: Austin From Scratch:  An Interview with Kathy Steele, Founder of Berry Austin

1/27/13: Lions and Snail Shells and Flowers…Oh My!

12/16/12: Elf on the Shelf’s Sleigh Ride to Success

10/28/12: Austin From Scratch: An Interview with Taylor “Thunder”, Co-Founder of Thunderbird Energetica

9/30/12: Thinking of Majoring in Entrepreneurship?  Read This First

9/26/12: What do you want go be when you grow up?

9/23/12: Youngpreneur: Carter Kostler

9/19/12: He’s baaack!  Caine’s Arcade 2

9/16/12: Austin From Scratch: An Interview with Stephanie Scherzer, Co-Founder of Farmhouse Delivery

9/12/12: Pencils Down (Stop the Homework Insanity)

9/9/12: 5 Really Cool Things We’ve Discovered Together as a Family

9/5/12: The Bottom Line (August, 2012)

9/3/12: 27 Skills Your Child Needs to Know That She’s Not Getting In School

8/29/12: Caine’s Arcade

8/26/12: The Back to School Challenge

8/25/12: Weekend Warriors Dog Walking Service

8/23/12: More Shafspiration (The LEGO® Story)

8/22/12: Austin From Scratch: An Interview with Wes Hurt, Founder of Hey Cupcake!

8/15/12: Why Every School in America Should Teach Entrepreneurship

8/12/12: AdVentures with Hey Cupcake!

8/8/12: 10 Steps to Teaching Your Kids to Become Entrepreneurs

8/5/12: Book Review: KIDPRENEUR$ (Young Entrepreneurs with BIG Ideas!)

8/2/12: The Bottom Line: July, 2012

7/29/12: July’s AdVenture (Owen’s Rock Collection)

7/25/12: Private student loan debt reaches $150 billion

7/22/12: Gone Fishin’

7/19/12: Sharing in our Success

7/15/12: Dear America: It’s time to up our entrepreneurial game

7/11/12: July’s AdVenture: Custom Pastries

7/8/12: Dynamite Toy Review (Uno)

7/5/12: The Bottom Line (June, 2012)

7/1/12: Taco Wagon Success

6/28/12: Austin From Scratch: An Interview with Torchy

6/24/12: How to Raise Your Kids to Be Entrepreneurs

6/21/12: Eavesdropping at Starbucks

6/17/12: Lessons from Father’s Day

6/15/12: Entrepreneurial AdVentures BUCKET LIST

6/10/12: Isn’t it ironic…don’t you think?

6/6/12: Dynamite Toy Review (Legos)

6/3/12: June’s AdVenture (Neighborhood Taco Wagon)

5/30/12: The Future of Learning

5/28/12: The Bottom Line (May, 2012)

5/23/12: Introducing: Learning Toys & Tools (Jigsaw Puzzles)

5/20/12: Shafer…Power! Chocolate Bars

5/16/12: 5 Characters with Character

5/13/12: An Interview with Mom

5/9/12: The Future of Shafer…Power!

5/6/12: A Chocolate Making Family’s Journey of Entrepreneurism

5/2/12: Reflections of a 40-Something Dad

4/29/12: Jesterbucks = Success

4/28/12: It’s On! Jesterbucks Coffee Stand, Sunday from 8-10

4/25/12: Lemonade Stand with a Twist

4/23/12: The Bottom Line

4/22/12: Mind Mapping Shafer…Power!

4/20/12: Our Goals for Shafer…Power!

4/19/12: Why Entrepreneurism?

4/9/12: Our First Sale

4/3/12: Becoming a Sponge

4/2/12: From There to Here

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