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Mind Mapping Shafer…Power!

I had some quality time to think about Shafer…Power! this weekend as I got out for both a run and a walk.  It’s amazing how the creative juices get flowing when you put your body in motion.  At some point I’ll put everything into a legible outline, but today I just wanted to get my high level thoughts in front of me.The picture I’ve included may be difficult to read and understand so I’ll briefly explain what I’ve done here.  Essentially, I’ve put down what I feel are the critical components of our journey (Objectives, Goals, Challenges, Ideas, etc.) and some notes underneath each topic.  And while I want this journey to include our entire family, I believe if I can create a framework in advance, it will give us some nice boundaries to operate within.  If you’ve never done a mindmap before, it’s a great way to get the ball rolling by just allowing your thoughts to flow and worrying about the editing later.  You can use the bubbles like I did to create categories but it’s not really necessary.  There you have it – this should provide some great motivation for the week ahead and I’m already looking forward to the next post.

ps – I tested the kids this weekend to see if they could say the word “entrepreneur.”  Owen took the first shot at it and came up with entremanure.  Hmmm, a business idea, perhaps?

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