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Our Goals for Shafer…Power!

I’ve been spending some time thinking about goals for Shafer…Power! and thought it made sense to put them in writing.  Since I’m already working a full-time job and doing a little lot of parenting on the side, I want to ensure we’re making the most of our adventure.  In terms of a big picture goal, I’d like to introduce the kids to entrepreneurism.  Specifically, we’re going to meet some successful entrepreneurs and take part in a few of our own entrepreneurial projects.  Our other goals are as follows:

Goal #1 – Have Fun: This one’s for me as much as it’s for the kids.  My wife, Kathleen, has been kind enough to remind me if the kids are having fun doing an activity, they’re much more likely to stay interested and involved.  Not only is she beautiful, but she’s smart as well, huh?

Goal #2 – Learn Something: My main goal is for everyone involved – Owen, Malia, Kathleen and myself – to learn something.  For example, we may learn how difficult is to come up with a new business idea or the challenge of getting a product launched or the importance of using a patent attorney.  I’ve always felt the role of educator is one of the most important ones can we play in the lives of our children, therefore, learning something is our number two priority.

Goal #3 – Share In Our Success: At this point, success has a very loose definition but I want to figure out a way to share it with others.  It could be as simple as inspiring a reader to take action toward their entrepreneurial dream or giving a fun toy to a less fortunate child.  The beauty of this adventure is we get to make up some of the rules as we go along.  Anyway, I think the journey will be much more rewarding if we can include others along the way.

UPDATE (4/23/12): Adding a 4th Goal

Goal #4 – Earn Some Spare Change: After rereading this post a few days after I originally posted it, I realized I may risk alienating the entire entrepreneurial nation if I don’t include a financial goal.  Rather than put some sort of financial target – which is probably what I should be doing – I’m going to list the goal as “Earn Some Spare Change.”  After all, this is just the beginning of the journey for our children and I’d hate to overwhelm them by demanding we make a whole bunch of money.  Besides, how much is a life lesson worth?  Answer…a lot!

It feels good to get these goals in writing.  Now we just need to keep them in front of us as I’m sure adversity is just around the corner.  Are we on the right track?

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  1. Meg S. #

    I love that you have goals like this for the family. I’ll be following you along the way. Good luck! Meg S.

    July 4, 2012

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