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Someday, Episode #25: Antarctic Researcher, Dr. Elie Verleyen

Welcome to Someday, where we interview interesting people from around the world to learn about how they make a living.  We call it Someday because one day our curious kids may elect to pursue a career in one of these fields.  In the upcoming months, we’ll learn: How to become a Hotelier, the best thing about being a Sushi Chef and the most challenging thing about being a Mountain Climber.  Who knows…we might even talk a little ice cream as well.  We hope you enjoy!

In episode #25, we sat down with Antarctic Researcher, Dr. Elie Verleyen.  Dr. Verleyen is a tenured Professor at Ghent University (Belgium) and has done extensive research at the Princess Elisabeth Station in Antarctica.

You can learn more about the Princess Elisabeth Station at



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