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Becoming a Sponge

I’m assuming there will be a lot of lessons along this journey, but the most challenging part will be remaining open to them.  I’ve read over and over that it takes maniacal focus to be successful in the entrepreneurial world; to really put on the blinders and pursue your goal(s) with reckless abandon.  But how will we learn if we have our heads down all the time?

Since my goal is to make this an educational journey for our entire family, one of the the things I will try to do is encourage everyone to become sponges along the way.  There are a lot of people out there who are willing to share their stories – their successes and their failures.  I anticipate that we’ll be able to save ourselves much time, money and energy by learning from their experiences.  For example, I came across this article today about writing a blog for your company.  I found the information to be highly informative.  It may not be 100% relevant to what we are trying to accomplish, however, there are a few nuggets in there that I’m adding to my journal.

Are you able to keep an open mind to new ideas and suggestions?

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