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Something Old, Something New: An Update From Shafer…Power!

When we launched Shafer…Power! back in April, 2012, we really didn’t know where it would take us.  Although we did create some fairly specific goals when we started the blog, the reality is we were simply trying to inject a little fun and adventure into our children’s growth and development.

Well, after 2+ years, it’s safe to say we have definitely had a lot of fun and adventure and it feels like we’re only getting started.  A quick and high-level recap of our exploits as follows:

1. Garage Sale: We started with the basics — how to sell stuff.

2. Jesterbucks: We hosted a neighborhood lemonade coffee stand — everyone had fun.

3. Shafer…Power! Chocolate Bars: We made our own chocolate bars — and sold a bunch.

4. We interviewed a well-known entrepreneur here in Austin — and then sold tacos fom a wagon.

5. We then interviewed a bunch of other company founders including those from Hey Cupcake!, JuiceLand and Big Top Candy Shop.

6. We created our own company: Buddy Bars — and sell them every month at the market.

7. Finally, we were interviewed for – and will be featured in – an upcoming book by Peter Greer called, “Watching Seeds Grow.”  The book is about “entrepreneurship for children and their parents with engaging narratives and practical tools to equip and encourage.”

So yes, the journey has been very fun and certainly exceeded any of our expectations.  In fact, we’re going to step on the gas from here – at least just a little bit – and will be adding a new segment to the blog in the upcoming weeks.  We promise you it will be fun, educational and most likely a little bit entertaining.  And it’s something we think your kids will enjoy too!  So stay tuned…

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