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Caine’s Arcade

Welcome to Shafspiration!   In this series, we’ll be re-posting the most inspiring and informative articles (and videos) on the web supplementing our family’s journey of entrepreneurism – not only because learning is one of our goals for the journey – but it also adds to the fun and AdVenture. 

Today’s Shafspiration is about a young boy named Caine who created an “arcade” from scratch.  Not only did this young adventurer make the entire game from cardboard and tape, but he put a ton of creative horsepower into the project to bring it to life.  I don’t want to spoil the whole story but I will say he seems to have caught a lucky break that may change his life forever.  I hope you enjoy!

What role does creativity have in the life of young person?  What sort of impact do you think this event will have on Caine’s life?  Would you purchase 4 tickets for $1.00 or the Fun Pass (500 tickets) for $2.00?

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