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The Future of Shafer…Power!

Shafer…Power! is off to a great start.  We’ve learned some things, sold some things and the kids are having a lot of fun.  And based on what we learned from the Mast Brothers about making chocolate, I’m pretty sure we’re going to give it a try (making homemade chocolate) to see if we can move some product during our community thrift sale later this month. Read more

Our Goals for Shafer…Power!

I’ve been spending some time thinking about goals for Shafer…Power! and thought it made sense to put them in writing.  Since I’m already working a full-time job and doing a little lot of parenting on the side, I want to ensure we’re making the most of our adventure.  In terms of a big picture goal, I’d like to introduce the kids to entrepreneurism.  Specifically, we’re going to meet some successful entrepreneurs and take part in a few of our own entrepreneurial projects.  Our other goals are as follows:

Read more