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The Bottom Line: May, 2012

The Bottom Line is a series that was first introduced on the Shafer…Power! blog in April, 2012.  Whereas the business definition of bottom line is “the line in a financial statement that shows net income or loss,” here we do a quick recap of our progress toward our goals.  Since “Earn Some Spare Change” is our fourth goal, we’ll provide an update on our actual bottom line as well. Read more

An Interview with Mom

On the eve of Mother’s Day 2012 I sat down with Kathleen Shafer – the mother of Owen and Malia – to ask her a few questions about motherhood and entrepreneurism.  I was pleasantly surprised at a number of her responses and even got an inside peak at how she makes subtle reminders about important holidays without me even knowing.

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A Chocolate Making Family’s Journey of Entrepreneurism

One of the best parts of the entrepreneurial journey is the research and learning (let’s call it discovery) that’s done along the way.  It seems as though there is something new around every corner and if you open your mind to it, it’ll stretch you like never before.  For example, I was recently reading the blog of an aspiring entrepreneur and he recommended three or four podcasts he listens to on a weekly basis for the purpose of being inspired.  I decided to take a shot with one of them and can honestly say it’s changing my life.

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From There to Here

I don’t believe entrepreneurship is a switch that can be flipped on or off.  It’s something that is built and refined over a significant period of time.  Many of the great ones started early, often with a neighborhood paper route or selling stuff door to door.  Modern day technology giants rebuilt computers on their parent’s kitchen table or posted photos of co-eds on the internet for dorm mates to review and analyze. Read more